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PostSubject: SUGGESTIONS FOR FUTURE PATCHES   Fri May 27, 2016 6:41 pm

Arrow Top 10 Rankings per month. Very Happy

Arrow Top 1 Laughing  receives : Headgear Costume with specific stats and Weapon Costume with no stats. (Fashion onleh) + PP Cards and a Title.
Arrow Top 2 Surprised  receives : Weapon Costume + PP Cards  + Title  Question
Arrow Top 3- 5  Rolling Eyes  receives : Weapon costume + PP Cards + Title  Question (Corresponding rank)
Arrow Top 6-10  pig  receives : PP Cards + Title  Question  (Corresponding rank)
Idea KOTH/Last Man Standing Events for cap players with specific time for each day
Idea Sets with corresponding bonuses. ie. +hp/+eva/+accu for next patch.  Rolling Eyes
Idea Item linking for easy hovering of an item. cyclops
Idea Enable Dual mode for Xtalia Client  Cool
Idea Enable Duel gold bets for fun only!  Razz

For Newbies suggestions

Arrow Add stats like /int 230 = +230 on int stats for easy building of character  Mad
Arrow Craftable EXP Costumes/Exp Rings/Exp Bracelets  Wink
Arrow Exp TIME Boxes on VPSHOP for newbies  cheers
Arrow Bring back the Obli-E for newbies so that they can finalize their build when they reach the lvl cap. Embarassed
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