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 [Changelogs] PatchW0530

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PostSubject: [Changelogs] PatchW0530   [Changelogs] PatchW0530 EmptyMon May 30, 2016 5:06 am

Freebies Reworked!

  • - +10 Amplified Set with +10 Weapon (Permanent)
  • - Full EXP Package (3D)
  • - Sparkling Sapphire Accessories (15D)~ Level 195
  • - +10 195 Set with +10 Weapon (15D)~ Level 195

Monisha NPC

  • - Added Hoverboards
  • - Added Hoverboard Accessories
  • - Added Hoverboard Batteries

Jack NPC

  • - Fix Resurrection Rosary
  • - Increased EXP Headgears Prices
  • - Added Pet Feed (50%)
  • - Added Refines

Yuan NPC

  • - Removed GM Frost Gacha Box
  • - Added Desolate Costume Boxes
  • - Added +10 Attack Upgrade on Premium Weapons
  • - Added Perfect Random Value on Premium Weapons
  • - Added New Donate Headgears

Extreme Class Released!

  • - Account must have at least a Level 190 Character

Club Wars

  • - Added Reward Box spawn after CW
  • - Reward Box will drop PVP Medals (20 pieces)
  • - Exchange 100 PVP Medals for Special Engrave Sets (3D)
  • - Scheduled Fix. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

PVP Reward Box

  • - Added this NPC on Market

Head B. Boss Drops

  • - Mr. Pet, Ms. Chemical, Revolver, Sponge
  • - Now drops, Crystal Sets [A] and a Rare Drop of Assassin Swift Mask, Vigorous Invader Necklace, Windstorm Invader Necklace, Fighter's Emerald Ring, Penetrator's Emerald Ring

Normal Mobs Damage Reduced to 50%

  • - Prison to Head B. Maps Mobs

Rings are now upgrade-able

  • - Ganil Ring, High Saint Ring, Emerald Rings
  • - Can be upgraded using Burr, Fine Burr, Ganil Piece

Premium Accessories

  • - Necklace, Bracelets, Rings can now be disguised as a costume

Removed General Announcement of Boss when spawned and killed

  • - Ultimate Destroyer, Giant Hawk, Sponge, Revolver, Mr. Pet, Ms.Chemical

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[Changelogs] PatchW0530 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Changelogs] PatchW0530   [Changelogs] PatchW0530 EmptyMon May 30, 2016 7:58 am

Idol Frost walang quest kay monisha para makapasok ng th4 yung monishia request d makapag quest ng saint ring high ka siu er Smile
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[Changelogs] PatchW0530 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Changelogs] PatchW0530   [Changelogs] PatchW0530 EmptyMon May 30, 2016 12:27 pm


Twisted Evil X`Bow What a Face
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[Changelogs] PatchW0530 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Changelogs] PatchW0530   [Changelogs] PatchW0530 Empty

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[Changelogs] PatchW0530

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